Dynamic Perspective - XimeraX5 // Animation/VFX, Corporate

Dynamic Perspective is a in Austria based gimbal production company. Recently they released their new model - the XimeraX5, a high end film & TV production gimbal for all kind of rigging systems.
We (VISTA Films) produced this teaser commercial way before the release to give a taste of the upcoming gimbal.
I had the pleasure to be responsable for the VFX work. As the gimbal hasn't been finally produced yet I needed to composite the gimbal into the live action footage afterwards, which gave us a lot of creative possibilities. To give the gimbal a more mystical note I decided to make it look glassy.


Client: Dynamic Perspective

Concept & Director: Matthias Jurkovicts

Cinematographer: Markus Haas

1st AC & VFX Supervisor: Stephan Zenz

Gaffer: Thomas Dichlberger

Electrician: Lukas Schuh

Editor & Color Grading: Matthias Jurkovicts

Matchmoving, Animation, Rendering, VFX, Compositing, GFX: Stephan Zenz

Year: 2018