NACHTGLAS - Title Sequence // Animation/VFX, Experimental

Nachtglas is the concept of a TV serial. I created the title sequence for the pilot episode. All pieces in this sequence reference to the story of Nachtglas. A young girl has irritating dreams and flash backs about her past. Her mother is keeping a secret and she is looking for help at a psychiatrist. He recommends a special drug to help her remembering her past because no conventional method worked so far. Some really strange memories start to come back to her mind. (2015)


Client: Lukas Roucka/Nachtglas

Concept: Stephan Zenz

Compositing: Stephan Zenz

Animation: Stephan Zenz

Camera: Philip Pürcher, Rafael Hamberger, Stephan Zenz

SFX Assistent: Clara Schuster, Stephanie Kogler, Christoph Thalinger

Music & Sounddesign: Sebastian Seidl